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What a summer job at SpringHill means:

+ A real job

+ A real mission

+ A real community

+ A real paycheck

Overnight + Day Camp

Everything you need to know about your summer at SpringHill in one document.


$175/week ($1,750 for a full summer)

Meals and Housing: Your housing and all your meals will be provided during your time at SpringHill (with the exception of Saturdays at Day Camp). At Overnight, you'll eat in the dining hall with your campers. At Day Camps, you'll have your meals at the church, at your host home, or out with your staff.

Time Off

Yes! You do get time off, but it looks different for each role as well as for Day Camp or Overnight camp.

At Day Camps, campers go home everyday which means that you get to hang out with your staff at your host home, explore the city you are staying in, and get prepared for the next day of camp. Weekends are also a time to unwind and get ready for a new week, a new city, a new church and new campers!

At Overnight, your campers are with you 24/7, but that doesn't mean you don't get any downtime. You do get breaks during the week, and on weekends, you will have the opportunity to get some free time to head into town and explore local restaurants, hang out with your staff, do laundry, or simply relax in your hammock.

We do ask that summer leaders commit to working at SpringHill for the entire duration of camp. Exceptions include "once in a lifetime" events like a family wedding or graduation.


The best way to tell you about this benefit is just to share some words from our staff or by showing it to you here.

"You develop life long friends."

"Some of the same people I worked with at camp during my first summer are still my best friends today. Some of them were even in my wedding."

"They are intentional relationships"

"I know there are people I can count on when I'm going through things."

Professional Development

Yes, you get real professional development at SpringHill. We offer most of our jobs as internships to make sure that you are able to meet your internship objectives. In every position, we will work with you to help you learn skills and gain experience that you can directly transfer to your professional life post-SpringHill. There might even be an opportunity for you to get school credit for working with us.

Leadership Development

You'll receive training in experiential learning, increased self-efficacy, formal feedback processes, and coaching in several of our 10 identified leadership competencies. This experience during the summer will be a training ground so that you can be even more effective when you go back to your school and community in the fall.

You will have learned and experienced how to lay down your burdens and pick up your cross as Jesus directs us to in Matthew 11:28-30.

The SpringHill Network

In addition to hands-on professional development experience, after a summer leading at SpringHill you become part of the ever-growing network of SpringHill alumni who are changing the world. Former summer leaders are leading overseas ministries, heading up camps around the country, and running successful businesses.

"When I'm at SpringHill, I feel known and accepted."
"I know that if I need to call someone at 2 in the morning, that my SpringHill friends will be right there to pick up the phone, cry with me, pray with me and walk through the trials of life with me."

"We have fun together, we worship together, we do life together."

"It is a spiritual support system"

What is SpringHill?

SpringHill is a youth outreach and discipleship ministry that uses camping experiences to reach kids with the truth and love of Jesus. With 2 overnight locations and day camp programs that travel all across the midwest, we've been reaching kids with unique and life-changing experiences since 1969.

Want to see the staff experience? #WeAreSpringHill18

Where is SpringHill located?

Overnight locations are located in Evart, Michigan and Seymour, Indiana.

Day Camps travel in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.

What is SpringHill looking for in a summer leader?

At SpringHill, we look for people who are passionate about Jesus and His message, kids and teens, are committed to working in community as part of a team, who are creative, energetic and effective communicators, are comfortable with change, committed to excellence and have a desire to create life-changing experiences for kids to know Jesus and grow in their relationships with Him.

Am I eligible to work at SpringHill?

Summer Leaders are required to be either 18 years old or a graduate of high school by the first day of summer camp to work at one of our overnight locations. Talk to your recruiter about options if you are not 18 years old or graduated yet and are interested in working on a Day Camp team. To work with high schoolers, we prefer that you have finished at least one year of college/similar experience.

Do we get time off?

Absolutely! At SpringHill's overnight locations, Summer Leaders get two-hour breaks daily and Friday night and Saturday off between camper terms. TST Overnight Camp (2-week program) Summer Leaders take days off each week, during the week.

Day Camp Summer Leaders work on Sunday afternoons and Monday through Friday. Housing and meals are provided by SpringHill for overnight locations and Day Camp Summer Leaders will have the opportunity to stay in host homes during the week where meals are provided. Day Camp Summer Leaders will have Saturdays off, as well as Sunday mornings. Summer Leaders will be expected to pay for their own meals while not working.

Weeks off must be arranged with your recruiter before camp. Situations we would consider are once-in-a-lifetime immediate family events (i.e. a sibling is graduating or getting married).

Will I serve at the same location all summer?

That depends. At our overnight camps, Summer Leaders will mostly stay put for the whole summer, but may be asked to travel to a Day Camp location for 1–2 weeks. If Summer Leaders serve with Day Camps, they will travel throughout a region, hosting camp at a different church each week.

What is Overnight camp?

Overnight is the classic camp experience—complete with blobs, climbing walls, ziplines, and intentional relationships. SpringHill has been doing summer camp since 1969 and has two locations, one in beautiful central Michigan and one location in scenic southern Indiana.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy. Visit SpringHill summer jobs and fill out the Summer Leader Staff application, schedule your interview, fill out references and choose geographical area/job preferences.

How do I interview?

When you apply you will have the option to schedule a a video interview over Skype. If you talk to a recruiter at your school, you may also have the option to do an in-person interview.

Will I get paid?

YES! $175/week starting salary, up to $260/week depending upon the position that is offered. Summer Leaders receive room and board in addition to their weekly salary.

Do I have to work the whole summer?

Most of SpringHill's positions are set as full-summer positions. There are a limited number of positions that are flexible at both Overnight and Day Camps. Please ask the recruiter about those positions if you are unable to commit to a full summer.

Can I get college credit?

We will do our best to help Summer Leaders earn college credit by working at SpringHill. Many college programs offer internship credit and SpringHill will work to make sure that your job fulfills those requirements. Make sure you let your recruiter know that you are interested in fulfilling internship requirements.

What is Day Camp?

In 2006, God called SpringHill to move and go meet kids in their own cities, so we decided to take camp on the road! Day Camp is a summer of week-long camps hosted by leading churches where we take local kids on an adventure and share Christ's love. Day Camp means travel, fun, and getting outside your comfort zone.

Can I bring my car?

Sure! SpringHill has designated parking areas on camp property for cars, trucks, mini-vans and bikes.

If Summer Leaders are working on a Day Camp team, they can drive or carpool with others. Driving outside of your region is reimbursed by SpringHill.

What if I don't have a car?

That's alright! There is such a great community here that Summer Leaders have many opportunities to find a ride. Day Camps Resident Leaders will be helpful in finding Summer Leaders rides as well.

Where do I stay when I'm traveling with Day Camps?

If we're at a church in your city, Summer Leaders can stay at home! Otherwise, SpringHill's partner churches provide housing for Summer Leaders when we travel in the form of generous host homes. All host homes go through background checks and host at least 2-3 Summer Leaders at a time.

Do I have to come to training?

YES! Training is extremely important for equipping Summer Leaders to be effective in their position at SpringHill. It is a time when Summer Leaders will learn more about SpringHill as an organization and how to be successful in their role. Many past Summer Leaders would say that training is where they built great relationships with other Summer Leaders. If Summer Leaders have a once-in-a-lifetime immediate family event during training (i.e. a sibling is graduating or getting married), they can talk to your recruiter in advance about missing a short amount of training. Training is not paid time.

What are the dates for training?

Summer Leader specific training dates will be on individual contracts and sent out in the Spring Newsletter. There is a lot to learn about SpringHill and the specific job responsibilities. Summer Leaders should come with a great attitude and an open heart to learn and serve.

Michigan Overnight Camp

May 13, 2019 - Resident Leaders

May 20, 2019 - Leadership

May 27, 2019 - Specialty Leaders

May 31, 2019 - ALL Summer Leaders (Counselors)

Indiana Overnight Camp

May 13, 2019 - Resident Leaders

May 17, 2019 - Leadership

May 21, 2019 - Specialty Leaders

May 24, 2019 - ALL Summer Leaders (Counselors)

Day Camps

May 19, 2019 Resident Leaders

May 20, 2019 Inclusion Counselors

May 21, 2019 Area Directors

May 24, 2019 Media Directors

May 27, 2019 All Summer Leaders (Counselors)

Overnight Camps:

Activity Leaders: Activity leaders are specialists in an activity area where they will spend their time facilitating cabin groups at a designated activity. The Activity Leader's role is vital to combining faith and fun while providing a safe, innovative, and memorable experience.

Specialty Leaders: Specialty Leaders minister to both campers and Summer Leaders by supporting the camp with a variety of functions. Specialty Leaders roles include food service, office support, health services, retail sales, productions, photography, and videography.

Leadership: Leadership Staff are constantly pouring into Summer Leaders and reminding them of the mission and vision of SpringHill. Direct interaction with campers is more limited than in other positions as the main responsibility as a Leadership Staff is to pour into, develop and grow Christian Leaders preparing them to go out and spread the Gospel.

Counselor: In a Camp Counselor position, the primary focus is to build relationships with the campers that we serve. The Counselor and Co-Counselor are responsible for campers on their team and will set the pace for a day of faith and fun! Counselors will lead campers through activities, ensuring safety and fun while helping them see the life lessons learned from what they just experienced/accomplished as a group.

Inclusion Counselor: An Inclusion Counselor is an additional Co-Counselor on a team that is knowledgeable in how to care for a child with special needs. An Inclusion Counselor is fully integrated on the team of Counselors. The Co-Counselor will assume all of the Counselor responsibilities and in addition will assure that the social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the camper with special needs are being met at all times.

Day Camps:

Counselor: In a summer camp Counselor position, the primary focus is to build relationships with kids. The Counselor and your Co-Counselor are responsible for campers on their team and will set the pace for a day of faith and fun! Counselors will lead campers through activities, ensuring safety and fun while helping them see the life lessons learned from what they just experienced together.

Inclusion Counselor:An Inclusion Counselor is an additional Co-Counselor on a team that is knowledgeable in how to care for a child with special needs. An Inclusion Counselor is fully integrated on the team of Counselors. The Co-Counselor will assume all of the Counselor responsibilities and in addition will assure that the social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the camper with special needs are being met at all times.

Area Director: Area Directors are responsible for providing leadership to Summer Leaders and to implement an outstanding SpringHill experience for campers. Area Directors lead morning meetings (Bible and informational) and spend time encouraging, observing and evaluating Summer Leaders. The team of Area Directors plans and implements the Large Group Jam Session, Large Group games and activities.

Media Specialist: The Media Specialist's main objective is to make tangible memories for the campers that campers can take home with them. This includes group photographs that are printed, organized and distributed to all campers on a weekly basis. The Media Specialist records activities, programmed events and sessions.

Have you ever thought, "I can't work at camp because, I have to get an internship." Well, spin that thought and turn it around — you can work at camp because you can get an internship!

At SpringHill, we understand that you are thinking and planning for your future and we want to help you develop leadership skills, gain work experience, and equip you to make a real impact on your future.

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Real experiences with real outcomes

SpringHill commissioned a study of past staff and leaders to quantity the influence SpringHill has had on their career, church involvement, and overall spiritual growth.

Our Community

Since 1969, SpringHill has partnered with young adults to create life-changing experiences of Christ. The community of friends and mentors that has formed in our ministry since then is one of the biggest reasons our leaders and staff come back each summer. The relationships you can develop here will challenge and grow you spiritually, professionally, and personally.

As a summer leader or staff, you will be part of an exciting ministry, dedicated to the idea of integrating faith and fun. Along the way, you'll gain experience for a lifetime, skills that you can apply to your education and career, and a deepened faith in Christ.

See it for yourself: #WeAreSpringHill18

"The community of SpringHill is unlike any other. You're challenged spiritually and professionally. It's an incredible work place for someone who needs to leave their comfort zone while still feeling confident in their ability to share the gospel and work with children."
Former SpringHill Summer Leader

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