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Discover God’s calling on your life and become equipped to engage the world.

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When you graduate from high school, you'll face new challenges and decisions as you step into adulthood.

Sometimes those questions can be difficult to answer. While college can be a foundational step in preparing for God's calling in your life, it may not be the right environment for all young adults to wrestle with these questions. For some, taking time to ask questions and gain life experience may give you a better sense of direction. That's why SpringHill developed a gap year program called the Discovery Project. This 9 month program will help you discover more about yourself, your calling, and where you fit in this world.

Here are some of the things you'll get to do if you are a part of the Discovery Project:
  • Live in intentional community with other students
  • Be a part of weekly site visits where you're getting to see what real world jobs look like and ask questions to people doing things you might be interested in
  • Volunteer at community non-profits, schools, and events
  • Participate in weekly Bible studies
  • Work on individual and group projects (building a website, performing, pitching a new app idea)
  • Learn and develop in basic skills (writing, public speaking, debate, time management, critical thinking, personal budgeting)
  • Explore the city you live in through walking tours, museum visits, and meetings with community officials
  • Travel - international or national
  • Work part-time or in an internship setting
  • Be mentored by SpringHill staff or other professionals

Location + Cost

  • The 2019 SpringHill Discovery Project will be hosted in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Students will be based in Grand Rapids, with travel to Detroit, Indianapolis, and Chicago
  • $15,000 covers room and board as well as travel expenses
  • Scholarships and financial aid forms available upon request

We're giving you a place to discover the breadth of God's Kingdom and opportunities to discover His calling in your life.
The SpringHill Discovery Project is designed to give you hands-on experience in seven areas of cultural influence within the context of a major city.
SpringHill leaders will provide mentorship, connections, and resources in these areas to help you develop the knowledge you need to pursue God's calling with confidence.

Learning by doing helps you discover the field where your personal gifts and passions meet the world's needs.

The SpringHill Discovery Project gives you hands-on exposure to key cultural spheres through work experiences, site visits, projects and service opportunities, equipping you to discover your calling and participate in Christ's transformational work.

Weekly engagement with the spheres includes a part-time work experience in a field of the participant's choice—anything from actuarial accounting, to manufacturing, to zoology.

Having an impact for the Kingdom is more than knowing what—it also requires knowing how.

Plenty of opportunities exist for technical and academic learning, but you don't always have a chance to gain the "know how" needed to be successful in college, life, and work. The SpringHill Discovery Project offers instruction from real people in the practical skills that you need to become influential Christian leaders in your field—whatever that field may be.

The SpringHill Discovery Project will put you in an intentional community where you can grow in faith.

We believe that human beings were created by God to live in community. Some of the most important lessons we learn in life can only be learned together.

SpringHill Discovery Project participants live together on a college campus. The living experience is overseen by an onsite program director, who meets regularly with the students and provides personal and program-related support.

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