Overnight Camp Week Program

Build community, spiritual growth, and lasting memories with a designated Overnight camp week

Our youth are leaving the church.

This reality is what continues to drive and motivate SpringHill to create experiences that enable young people to know and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Only the transforming power of the gospel can change the trajectory of our nation's youth.

As a SpringHill partner, we want to provide another opportunity for the youth in your church to experience Jesus in a new way at Overnight camp.

You may have experienced Day Camp - now provide a week of Overnight camp to the families in your church.

"It was like a birthday present coming here... This camp is one of the best ways to get kids to Jesus, or back to Jesus, or to stay with Jesus. Or even meet Jesus. My favorite thing I learned about God is that He's all forgiving and all loving."

Jonah, InPursuit Camper

SpringHill Overnight camp is a proven way to nurture spiritual growth in your students

Since 1969, we have seen life-change happen in tangible ways:
  • 40% of kids have made new or renewed commitments to Jesus
  • 90% desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • 68% are more comfortable sharing their faith

We get kids out of their routine and into purposeful environments.

Every SpringHill experience draws kids away from the routine of daily living and places them in a new and purposeful environment.

We center on intentional relationships with mentors.

The best way for kids to see, hear, and experience the life-changing message of Jesus is through the intentional relationships with role-models.

We tailor the summer camp experience for each age group.

We understand that kids have different needs, which is why we tailor activities and curriculum to make sense for each age group.

"Camp will make history in your life. You have fun, but at the same time you learn about God... I learned that God works in many different ways and He'll always forgive us, no matter how we sin."

Heidi, Camper


Grades 1-3 (completed)

Michigan | Indiana

Grades 4-6 (completed)

Michigan | Indiana

Grades 6-9 (completed)

Michigan | Indiana

Grades 9-12 (completed)

Michigan | Indiana

Overnight camp week makes it easier for families to coordinate schedules

By choosing SpringHill as your Overnight camp location during the summer, families are able to coordinate their schedules easier and allows for kids in your church to experience camp together.

When kids get back from camp, they can share their SpringHill experience with others opening the door to tell a friend about Jesus and invite them to church. They've also had an opportunity to make new friends, try something new, and grow in their faith.

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Please note: The church/SpringHill is not responsible for transportation to Overnight camp.

How the program works

Step 1 - Choose your church's SpringHill Overnight camp week.

Step 2 - Contact Abby at anetti@springhillcamps.com and she will put you in touch with a Camp Director.

Step 3 - All materials you need to promote are provided below.

Step 4 - Encourage families to register for camp together.

"I really enjoyed everything! This is my fourth year here. I just keep coming back through my youth group, without them it wouldn't really be possible for me to come and I would have never heard of camp. I just fell in love."

Jessica, Camper

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